Pizzazz is with the Details, Maple Valley WA

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Design Goal:

These downsizing clients wanted an open space with good traffic flow and a warm, gracious home. They had done a lot of the remodel themselves and wanted someone to come in and accentuate what they had accomplished.


The warm peanut colors in the living room had already been selected and complimented the client’s furnishings. They enlisted my services to coordinate their spaces by completing window treatments and selecting tile to layout a backsplash for their kitchen.  I chose a textured fabric with a chocolate background and golden florals which blended with their color scheme; we embellished the treatments with a pop of color in red fringe and braid. Drapery rods were custom 2 ½” wood rods glazed to a rich finish. In the kitchen we added a playful valance in a yellow silk like fabric with a leaf pattern and crystal beads. The kitchen cabinets and granite were installed but they wanted some pizzazz in the backsplash and wanted to pull together the colors. I designed a 4”x4” tile backsplash layout that had an olive green color with 3 shades increasing toward a brown tone. I designed a tile detail over the range for the focal point. This combination warmed up the cool white and gray granite and blended with the rest of the color scheme for an overall inviting affect. These DIY’ers did a great job and were a pleasure to work with.