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Design Goal:

This group of photos represents different types projects.


Organized Spaces, Ballard WA
This desk was created out of a back door space which was closed off, it provided an organized place to pay bills and other tasks, as well as held a small pantry across from it.

A Galley with Style, Renton WA
This galley kitchen had few cabinets but by closing off an opening and extending the wall we were able gain additional storage with a pantry, plus increase the number of cabinets and provide better function. The rich cherry glazed cabinets and new granite give this kitchen a custom look with a style. The new floor compliments the wood tones. A cabinet with a plate rack adds interest.

Freshen Up, Renton WA
The family room before was shingles on the wall, now it’s rich color scheme and new furnishings provide a conversation area, dining, and an entertainment cabinet.  A beautiful rug anchors the room and storage is at the chairside for knitting needles. Their artwork collection added interest. To freshen the space custom window treatments were made.

Serene Window Treatment, Bellevue WA
It’s all in the details, this window treatment added style to an arched window. Fringe and buttons add accents to the soft green and taupe striped fabric. A sheer inset into the arch provides sun control. This bedroom now feels serene.

Pretty and Pink, Maple Valley WA
I love this pink paradise. This playroom had walls of green, pink, and lavender. This area was for dress up and held all things girly. The mirror was painted hot pink and gems glued to the edges with a magic wand at the top.