Guest Suite

Guest Suite


Here we are in great spring weather. This is a good time to think about your guest room as company may be on your doorstep in no time. I would suggest freshening up your guest room. There are some easy things to do to make it warm and welcoming and new for your guests.

First of all clean out the cobwebs and spray a freshening scent to charm your guests. Create a cozy reading nook by either putting a small chair or a club chair in a corner nook. If you can find space place a small side table and lamp (table or floor) next to it. There are many versions of round and square tables on the market now. I would place a dresser or desk in the area so you can sit some special needs nearby. Take a basket or container and fill it with a bottle of water, some munchies sealed in their wrapper- nuts or crackers, a magazine or a book. Maybe some directions to local businesses or tourists spots, a table and pen, where to find the closest coffee shop.

Next go to work on the bedding. Fine linen sheets are always the best. Check the thread count as the larger the number the finer the sheets. They are cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Usually a white or neutral color is best. When was the last time you enjoyed staying in a hotel and what did they have on the bed and to display in the room. Place a nice neutral blanket on the sheets. The comforter can be a duvet or a coverlet in a pattern or solid color. Do use feather down pillows and not the inexpensive polyfill. Ok you can have an extra in the closet in case of allergies. Then because someone may need an extra blanket or pillow, I would stash that in the top of the closet. A good lamp and clock by the bedside is nice.

Then if there is a bathroom near I would supply it with some sample toiletries and soft white towels. A fragrant candle or potpourri is nice also.

The idea is to create a retreat that you would enjoy if you were traveling. So go in that extra room now and dust it off and make it welcoming. You might just find out that you want to go in there and spend a night for yourself!

As always call if you need help or ideas. Patty  @ 425-793-6380                                                          RMS_KarenSpirit-green-blue-contemporary-guest-bedroom-coastal_s4x3.jpg.rend.hgtvcom.616.462[1]