Flat fee Service Packages

Patty offers her services on an hourly basis at a fee of $125 an hour. Projects range from single consultations with a minimum of 1 ½ hours to flat fee services depending upon the project or complete design help based on a larger project scope. Perhaps you are retired or a busy homemaker who needs help implementing some of your ideas or if you are so busy at work that you are unable to find the time to select and order products or oversee the installation you will benefit by hiring Patty.

Flat Fee Services:

Paint consultation: Do you need to add a wall color or accent color to you room to give it some pop:

  • 1 ½ hours in your home with my paint samples  $250

DIYer’s, do you want to do a lot of the work yourself but need a different set of eyes and some advice on how to proceed:

  •  3 hours in your home to review plans, materials and progress  $325

Does your living or family room need some suggestions on rearrangement or art and accessories?

  • 2 hours in your home  $275

Do you need to add some character to you room with art and accessories?

  • 10 hours includes initial meeting in your home, selecting art and accessories based on your budget, assist in purchasing, arrange accessories and hang art to compliment your existing space  $1200

Do you need a complete room makeover?

  • 20 hours will include initial meeting in your home to assess what is needed, a furniture floor plan, color plan, suggestions for window treatments, shopping at a retail store or the Seattle Design Center to select furniture needed, photo’s for you to purchase the items or I will assist. Finial meeting at your home on or after delivery for proper placement:  $2500

Do your windows need to be updated with new treatments?

  • At our initial meeting in your home I will measure and suggest a style that will improve the warmth of the room and offer 2-3 fabric choices. A bid for cost will be done and if you proceed I will be at the installation:  Styles & fabrics 10 hours  $1200

For your home to be accessible and allow you to continue to age gracefully in place you may need some help  accessing what remodeling or modifications should be made. Includes initial meeting in your home and a list of items that could be modified when you are ready:

  • 3 hours  $325