Welcome Fall! Today is the first day of fall and although I still enjoy the sunshine I am getting the “bug” to decorate for fall. One of the friendliest ways to decorate is to accent your front door. If you already have a color painted on your front door then use that color to display more decorative items on your step or porch. An autumn wreath is always a friendly addition to your door. If you can’t nail it on the door place it eye height on the wall at the entry. Autumn leaves can be wrapped around posts or poked into a bale of hay or pots. Pots can be cleared of dying plants and an evergreen plant changing colors or fall plants can be used to fill the pots. Pumpkins can be placed on steps whether artificial or real they are welcoming. Choose a variety of heights when decorating, use can use boxes, crates, bales of hay, anything that elevates. Other interior decorating items can be used too as long as the porch is covered. Don’t forget the beautiful doormats available for fall. Fall is all those beautiful orange and brown colors but you can add greens, black, reds and other accessory colors- just stay with a theme. It is always hard to decorate for fall without including Halloween, but if possible start early and then after the first week of October you can add your “spooky” items to include the holiday!





entryway_ideas_021One way to welcome guests into your home is to create a welcoming entryway. This entrance displays your style and sometimes creativity. It is the meeting ground where you say “hello” and offer a warm welcome into our home.

Here are some tips to create your Entry:

  1. In an enclosed space that is small you can add punch by painting the walls a color that compliments your home’s interior
  2. Also in this small space a bold patterned wallpaper can create a statement
  3. Don’t forget that a great use of color is a piece of furniture that is a bold color, ie: red
  4. Use a console or entry table that is about 30-38” high. Taller is better but if you are recycling a piece of furniture that is a good place to start
  5. If the space is small or in a narrow walkway find a piece that is not too deep, about 12-18”
  6. If you are short on storage this is a great place to put a chest that has drawers
  7. Once you have the piece of furniture selected and the proper placement move on to the surroundings
  8. I would start by adding a large mirror or picture over the furniture. Make sure it is big!Always remember that a mirror reflects, so make sure you want to see what it is going to reflect
  9. On occasion you can do a grouping of 4 but start with the center piece
  10. Next place some accessories- a vase, flowers (artificial), an orchid, a unique box, a stack of attractive books, candlesticks, a grouping of pottery or blue/white jars, another picture on a stand, and more. Make sure that the height and scale of the pieces make an impact. If there is an open shelf below the top then accessorize it with some larger pieces.
  11. The accessories can marry the tone and color used in the adjacent room
  12. If the room is dark then add a lamp to the table top, or for symmetry 2 lamps
  13. Don’t forget the floors. A painted floor or pattered area rug can also add warmth and color
  14.  Lighting is also important in the entry, either a lamp or overhead ceiling light or chandelier can be used


Carving out this entry way is the perfect greeting area for guests and can be the beginning of your color palette and style for the adjoining rooms. Go search for fun finds at local stores like HomeGoods, Pier One, WorldMarket, Marshall’s, Ross, TJ Maxx and retails stores with fine furniture. Antique malls are good to find unique and “weathered” items. If you have some “treasures” use them to tell your story.

If you need guidance call for a consultation, Patty at #425-793-6380.

Holiday Mantels

Holiday Mantels

 RMS-mysweetsavannah_chalkboard-holiday-mantel_s3x4.jpg.rend.hgtvcom.616.822[1]  thBSZGA3P3‘Tis the season to pull out all the stops and decorate for the holidays! If you have a fireplace then the mantel is the perfect place to make some impact and create a focal point in your living room or great room. Here are some pointers to make a statement: if you have a nice deep mantel 9-10” you can use real pine greens or an artificial garland. Measure the top and sides of the mantel and get at least a 15’ strand or combine 2 9’ strands. The string of live garland comes in 15’ but it only looks good hanging down one side as the other side falls out so I think the pieces of pine greens work better. It is always nice to have it lit with white lights.

Now add tall objects such as candle holders, trees, or other objects mine has 2 large reindeer. You can add a mirror over the top or a large picture (maybe of Santa) or empty picture frames. The idea is to make a collage of different objects and heights, even offset one side with more than the other. On my living room mantel I do use artificial as I put it up early and then I add picks of berries and pine cones to make it more dimensional. In the family room I add balls and stars. So the idea is to add what you have, find or is your favorite Christmas collectable. If you are renting or on a budget just make it sparse but go outdoors and cut holly berries or pine stems from the trees. Also the long handled picks are always available from the craft store. Some of the designer magazines are really full mantels but I think a sparse homemade mantel is just as attractive. In these photos I really like the one where they just used a chalk board and wrote the message on it for artwork.Christmas-Decorating-Ideas-1[1]

Now treat the space over the mantel with something fun and don’t forget to put some tall objects on the floor beside the legs of the fireplace.Myra.jpg.rendition.largest[1]

Pick your color scheme- it can be all white, multicolor, blue, green, gold or all red even wicker. Have fun experimenting and enjoy the season!