A Gracious Kitchen, Renton WA

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Design Goal:

This kitchen was over 25 years old and its flaw was access to storage because the framed cabinets were to narrow and the homeowner had to fight to get her pans out. As there was a budget to remodel this kitchen it was decided to use the existing footprint and make minor adjustments. This is basically called a cabinet replacement rather than a remodel.


The goal was high style on a budget. Material choices were key. The cabinets are a rich Amber finish with a glaze and a traditional doorstyle. Frameless cabinets were chosen with large drawers instead of doors for better storage and access. Three improvements were made: the micro over range was moved across the room and placed under an open display space, next the soffit was extended and the refrigerator cabinet pulled forward allowing it to be trimmed in cabinetry, lastly a desk area was removed and 36” height cabinets added more counter space. Full height rich maize tiles with bronze deco insets completed the golden colored granite.  The Pro style range and hood trimmed by a detailed backsplash became the focal point of the room. The Franke sink and Brizo faucet completed the stainless appliances. The island toekick has a furniture base but was backed with drywall to save costs. The warm golden tones in this kitchen give it Panache but also make it a welcome Gracious Home.