There are so many choices when remodeling and especially a place that centers around the family and cooking. Before you sign on the dotted line and hire a contractor consider some tips to avoid costly mistakes:

  1. DON’T OVERSPEND: What is your budget? Allow for some overage but you can really get carried away with the choices and it could cost more than you wanted because each item is looked at as just “one” entity and not the overall sum of costs.
  2. What is the value of your remodel in terms of resale, are you keeping in track with what the home will bring or are you so intent on “your style” that you are going to lose money?
  3. What is the architecture of the home? Are you trying to put a modern kitchen in a Tudor? How is that going to transition from the entry and room to room?
  4. Keep the floorplan modifications simple, the more you change walls and move plumbing and electrical the higher the costs
  5. What are the costs of the products that you are replacing? Are they top of the line or are you just as happy with the middle of the road? It is very possible to spend and get good quality on some products but save on others
  6. Do not do DIY’er activities if you have no skills! Leave it to the professionals. You can always do clean up and demo to save on costs
  7. Start with your appliances. Get good advice on their function from a qualified showroom. Make sure they fit the space before ordering cabinets and then DON’T make any changes
  8. Plumbing is important. Buy quality sinks and faucets, don’t scrimp as these are the work horses of the kitchen and will be there a long time. People always underestimate their costs
  9. Jewelry. Hardware- Knobs and Pulls help to define the space and style of the kitchen and express its architectural style. They don’t have to be expensive but they should look and feel like it, as they are the final touch of the “outfit” of the kitchen. Don’t forget to look around at the hinges and doorknobs, do they look dated now?
  10. Paint- it really pulls everything together and makes things look fresh and crisp. Choose a good color to accent the other features in the room
  11. Counter tops and Cabinets- educate yourself on their brand and purchase good quality as they are the bones of the kitchen. Check out how the doors and drawers work; learn what makes a good cabinet. Tops can be granite, quartz or laminate- if you blend it all together it will look well designed and feel cohesive no matter the cost
  12. THE BACKSPLASH. It is the main focal point of the room and attention to detail should be placed here. Spend some money on a full height backsplash and create a mood. It can be a spot behind the range as a focal point or an overall feeling

Lastly, it is worth it to hire a professional to help you design and manage your project and schedules to make sure they are no oversights and change orders. You will want this new space to function, be beautiful and last for a very long time.