The Process to Design a Room

Here we are at the beginning of the year and it’s a Leap Year! That gives us a little more time for planning. I thought I would write about “process” as many clients get confused as to which steps to take first. Currently I am working on a living room and the clients did get lost in the process. So I am going to outline what steps are involved for a project. I hope you find it helpful.

The first thing that has to happen in a room – is to measure and create a floorplan. From that you can decide on what, where and how big the furniture pieces need to be. In our large showrooms it is easy to get carried away and purchase items that are too large for the space.

Next choose the upholstery pieces- sofa, chairs, ect. If you are staying within a furniture line choose your fabrics for the piece. If it is a custom fabric then that is called COM- customers own fabric (slightly more expensive) and then you order and ship this fabric to the vendor. By choosing your fabrics you have determined your color palette!

If an area rug is being used then select it to go with the fabrics, it actually can come first but then you must choose the fabrics to go with the rug. Neither way is right or wrong.

Now you have enough information to select paint colors.

Next look at what kinds of casegoods- or tables you need. Use the floorplan and decide if they need to be edited. Generally speaking you already know the size so now you just select the finishes. I like to mix the woods and finishes.

Now move onto window treatments. Select the style and the type of fabric based on your color scheme. Some treatments can be for function the others for effect, such as side panels. Fabric gives the room warmth.

I like to do art at this stage. You can add in pops of color and keep to your scheme. Don’t make the mistake of art being too small. You don’t have to fill every wall but it needs to give some impact.

Lastly, I do the accessories. Many people fade here or think it is too expensive. This is the jewelry of the home. It’s like buying a little black dress but then forgetting the jewelry and shoes. Take your time and purchase things you like- some expensive some not. They should add some character to the room. There are many local places to shop or order. Don’t clutter too much. Find some larger and smaller pieces. Look at magazines for inspiration. You can add on as you go but have a goal in mind.

Putting an entire room together takes time. Don’t hurry. Enjoy the process!