How about rearranging your living or family area to create a comfortable and inviting space? Here are some tips to get you started:

Always create a conversation area to allow for a face to face chat

If there is a fireplace in the center of the room, allow it to be the focal point and arrange around it

If there is no focal point then create one by using windows, TV, art or an interesting display on a table

If there is a view then pull the furniture back to the wall to face the windows

Plan for traffic flow; allow walkways to be at least 30” between pieces

Allow 18” between a coffee table and a sofa for sitting and reaching the table with beverages

Anchor the arrangement with a rug, coffee table or ottoman

If the space is tight try nesting tables or round tables since they are easier to maneuver around

For TV viewing, plan 8-12’ distance from the TV, best viewing angle is about 30 degrees, allow traffic to flow behind the TV if possible

Plan for built in’s or freestanding pieces to house the TV

Use storage pieces for the perimeter of the room such as: a desk, hutch, buffet, and console with doors

For a larger space or irregular room with no free walls pull the furniture toward the center of the room and float it

For a conversation group place pieces about 8’ apart in a larger space, try 2 sofa’s facing each other. Then create a separate conversation area with a grouping of 2 chairs and a table

For a long narrow room create a comfortable grouping with a sofa and 2 chairs opposite each other that are lightweight with open legs (not skirted). Allows you to move the furniture easier and is less bulky

Use good lighting for ambient and task activities

Create some personality by adding colorful pillows, throws, artwork and accessories                             100185265.jpg.rendition.largest[1]

As always- good luck with your arranging. If you need help with your spaces call me.