Ultra Violet lights the way to what is yet to come, says Pantone.

It is that time of year again when all the paint companies change to their own Color of the Year.

I thought I would do a quick update to what is new as the easiest change you can make in the New Year for refreshing your home is in the Paint Color.

Pantone is known as the guru when it comes to color but they also do color based on all things- clothing, vehicles, interiors and more. So although it is nice to know their colors, I would stick with the local paint stores for your interior color. Pantone’s color for 2018 is UltraViolet 18-3838. A Beautiful purple which you will see in accessories and fashion.

Sherwin Williams’s choice is Oceanside SW6496 a rich jewel tone blue. It’s a complex deep color that bridges blues and greens.

They have 3 paint palette categories:

Sincerity which has hushed tones of sand, complex grays and hazy botanicals. It is influenced by our nesting instincts of decluttering, soothing spaces, and imperfect finishes.

Unity refers to global community and a sense of adventure, extending our boundaries. Tassels, knots, woodgrain, woven fabrics, natural crafts, fold patterns are found in this style.

Connectivity is driven by data influences, customizing, tech world mindfulness about our environment and food. It has a lot of stripes and geometrics and changes direction with lines. It is a high tech palette.


Benjamin Moore named Caliente AF290 their color of the year. It is a strong radiant color full of energy. A bold color used for a front door, upholstery or accents in the interior or on a wall.

Their color palette continues which pinks, red, rust to grays and blues, some neutrals and a rich gold.


Whatever the “trends” are in color it should be something that you can live with for a long time. Purchasing small pieces in the “now” color will allow you to easily change it later. Paint in a room or as an access is an inexpensive way to use the colors temporarily.

Good luck choosing your new colors to refresh your home. Remember you can always hire a professional for a bit of guidance and may save you some anxiety and money from making a mistake.

Happy New Year!

An intimate living room with gray accent wall, stone mantle, wood floors and red area rug is equal parts contemporary and cozy.




I thought I would write about the beautiful gray fabrics that are in production now. Grays are very popular and come both in warm and cool tones. Scalamandre is a luscious fabric line with many colors and weaves of fabrics.

I love this photo as it shows all the necessary textures needed to make a monochromatic room warm and sophisticated. In this case I refer to monochromatic as a single hue or one major color tone for the palette. The word “hue” refers to the selected color. By using this warm gray and adding slight accent color tones the gray is the focus. Just look at how beautifully the textures fill out the space: a sleek fabric with a glossy diamond pattern between two classic cottons with classic styles are nestled on the sofa as pillow accents. The sofa has a rich, thick tweedy texture with a classic style and turned dark wood legs with shiny chrome feet. The rich linen damask roman shade at the window offers extra pattern and texture. The throw on the ottoman has a cashmere look to it with a paisley layer of multiple grays and a slight blue for soft accent colors. The pom pom trim adds a bit of whimsy.

The ottoman itself adds another type of fabric in that it is leather. The sisal rug brings out the soft warm golden tones in the throw.

Take some time to examine all of the details in the photo and the layering of fabrics and textures. Then the next time you want to do a similar one hue color scheme you’ll know how to go about it!



Are You Experiencing Spooky Colors this October?

There are several trend forecasts out this year for 2017. Here are just a couple of ideas from my favorite paint brands.


Color of the Year- Shadow 2117-30 a rich, royal moody gray amethystJust extinguished candles on table against a purple wall

Colors are soft and cast shadows and light on a room with an interplay of light and dark. Colors: Grays-Stormy Monday, Wet Concrete, whites- Wish, Cloud Cover, Porcelain, yellow-Amulet, Etruscan, Teal- Sea Star, Iceberg and more, Try it in Aura or Regal Select bases.


Color of the Year- Poised Taupe SW 6039- an earthy gray resulting in to a weathered woodsy complex color

Sherwin Williams divides the colors into groups. Noir is a deep palette of blues to black to grape, poised taupe falls in this group. Holistic is a soft palette of soothing colors- greens and blues- Stardew, Mountain Air,  Acier, Sheraton Sage, corals- Brandywine, Roycroft and for a dark color Deep Forest Brown. Intrepid is an energic palette of black- Caviar, purples- Kimono Violet and Dahlia, orange- Serape, Emotional and a green Citronella. Lastly Unbounded a bold group with bright colors- Freshwater blue, Coral Reef coral, Bee yellow, Adriatic Sea marine blue and Sealskin brown. These are not all the colors offered, go to the store and check out the colormix for yourself.

PANTONE: the Color Marketing Group is the color group that predicts and markets colors for all the products we use from cars to clothing and there new 2017 forecast will be coming out soon for fall. There will be some soft greens to bold hues. Stay tuned.

Here are some of my tips for using paint: Always be sure to look at a large sample of the color in your room both during the day and at night. Some areas may have less light than others and therefore change the color to a darker shade or let the undertone of the color “pop” out more. I always get a real sample of the paint color to test and don’t rely on the paper color strip as it is not actual paint. There can also be an undertone of red, yellow, blue or green to the color “hue” so make sure it’s appealing in your room. Do you want a warm tone or a cool tone? Usually the more complex the color is by having several tints to it the richer the color. Paint can surprise you so take your time and do your homework so when it goes on the wall you are not disappointed. Also there is no right or wrong when it comes to ceiling or trim color. Usually a softer white is warmer than a stark white, trim can be the same as the wall color or the ceiling. Be sure and get a good quality paint product. Study your room for the affect that you want. Make your room timeless for your style. And as always if you need help I am just a color consult away, 425-795-6380sw-img-diy-coty4-17-lp1

New Years Trends for 2016

New Years Trends for 2016


We are starting a New Year of 2016 and what are the latest trends going to be in design?

Pantone the marketing guru for color chooses a new color forecast every year but this year they broke tradition and selected two colors! First is a soft pale shade of blue, Serenity. Here in the Northwest we always like to use blues as we have so many shades in our sky and water surrounding us. Blue is calming and easy to use as accents in our home. The second color is called Rose Quartz, a soft powdery pink. You will be seeing it in both fashion and design. Grays are still an important neutral but may be mixed more with soft shades of sky, blush and lilac giving it some warmth.

It seems we just can’t get enough of those animal prints so they will still be around just like our basic black has lasted so will these prints but some will be larger and bolder than before.

Nailhead trim continues to be popular in metallic colors, gold and silver. Many furniture manufactures will provide this trim as an add on so always ask for your upgrade options.

In kitchens you will see more pairing of two different types of cabinet styles, colors, textures or use of raw materials. Base cabinet drawers instead of doors that are deep are wanted for more storage.     New appliance colors are the black stainless steel by LG or the Sunset Bronze by Whirlpool. Niche appliances like steam ovens will be more popular and a good use of space for Aging in Place homes.

Bathrooms will be increasing in size to allow for “living” areas with a chair and table vignette. The use of bold wallpaper and mirrors as a statement will be popular. Bidets are gaining in popularity.

Living areas will include use of a formal dining area or an unplugged family room for a family gathering area. Continued use of outdoor fabrics for furnishings. Sunrooms are desired if you have the space to carve one out. Heated floors are used more in entryways and mudrooms. And extra large format tiles are popular for flooring options.

What have you seen recently on the fashion runway or in design articles about the new and continuing trends? What will be your favorite “go to” and how can you add it to your style? Remember if you are decorating your home in some basic neutrals it is always easy to add in punches of the latest trend. If you need help with updating your style just call Patty @ 425-793-6380 for a consultation.  2dbff96ac85f3bd67c1ddbb231484e01[1]




entryway_ideas_021One way to welcome guests into your home is to create a welcoming entryway. This entrance displays your style and sometimes creativity. It is the meeting ground where you say “hello” and offer a warm welcome into our home.

Here are some tips to create your Entry:

  1. In an enclosed space that is small you can add punch by painting the walls a color that compliments your home’s interior
  2. Also in this small space a bold patterned wallpaper can create a statement
  3. Don’t forget that a great use of color is a piece of furniture that is a bold color, ie: red
  4. Use a console or entry table that is about 30-38” high. Taller is better but if you are recycling a piece of furniture that is a good place to start
  5. If the space is small or in a narrow walkway find a piece that is not too deep, about 12-18”
  6. If you are short on storage this is a great place to put a chest that has drawers
  7. Once you have the piece of furniture selected and the proper placement move on to the surroundings
  8. I would start by adding a large mirror or picture over the furniture. Make sure it is big!Always remember that a mirror reflects, so make sure you want to see what it is going to reflect
  9. On occasion you can do a grouping of 4 but start with the center piece
  10. Next place some accessories- a vase, flowers (artificial), an orchid, a unique box, a stack of attractive books, candlesticks, a grouping of pottery or blue/white jars, another picture on a stand, and more. Make sure that the height and scale of the pieces make an impact. If there is an open shelf below the top then accessorize it with some larger pieces.
  11. The accessories can marry the tone and color used in the adjacent room
  12. If the room is dark then add a lamp to the table top, or for symmetry 2 lamps
  13. Don’t forget the floors. A painted floor or pattered area rug can also add warmth and color
  14.  Lighting is also important in the entry, either a lamp or overhead ceiling light or chandelier can be used


Carving out this entry way is the perfect greeting area for guests and can be the beginning of your color palette and style for the adjoining rooms. Go search for fun finds at local stores like HomeGoods, Pier One, WorldMarket, Marshall’s, Ross, TJ Maxx and retails stores with fine furniture. Antique malls are good to find unique and “weathered” items. If you have some “treasures” use them to tell your story.

If you need guidance call for a consultation, Patty at #425-793-6380.



photo (10)  The color for this year is named “Marsala” and it is a robust earthy wine red.

Color is used to inject energy and contrast. Marsala has grounding red-brown roots that emanate a sophisticated, natural earthiness and is a red infused brown color.

According to Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute who has been predicting color globally for many years, it has an emotional concept and feeds our mind, our body and our soul. She believes the color has versatility for both men and women and that we are looking for a nurturing life force.

Since it is equally appealing to men and women you will see it in fashion, especially beauty products such as nails and lips. It is flattering to many skin tones and is dramatic. Men would enjoy a tie or socks in this color.  In home furnishings it 

photo (12)

brings warmth to interiors, look for it in plush, matte and gloss textures, especially used in area rugs and accessories. Play 

It harmonizes with neutrals including warmer taupes and grays. It is compatible with amber, umber, golden yellows, greens in both turquoise and teal and some vibrant blues. All of these pairings are on the Pantone website.the variation in color. Try layering it with metallics, like bronzy tones or copper, anything with the brown or umber undertone.with

Past colors of the year included: Radiant Orchid, Emerald Green, Tangerine Tango, Honeysuckle and Turquoise which were all more vibrant colors than this year’s. Also many paint manufactures name their color of the year not to be confused with this Pantone color. I have to admit when I first saw the color I wasn’t too sure about it, along with a lot of other industry partners, but I must say I am warming up to it. What do you think of this color? Will you use it in your daily life? Here are some examples from The Market in Las Vegas I just attended.

Choosing the Perfect Chair

101694145.jpg.rendition.largest[1]What Does A Chair Mean to You?

As you are creating your living spaces and heading out to buy new furnishings, what does the furniture mean to you? Let’s take a nice chair for example. A chair is more than just a place to sit; it is a statement of your style. Here are a few things to check off of your list when shopping:

USE: How will you use the chair? Is it going to be in a formal room as an accent piece or in a casual setting you sit in to get comfy? The first kind can be a unique style, a bit more stiff, with fabric that is more fragile.

STYLE: Traditional vs. Contemporary, transitional, arts and crafts, unusual as a statement piece. Formal or casual. Classic with a twist is a new interpretation of traditional; there are other interesting styles as well. Do you want a skirt to the floor or do you want sexy legs and arms showing. The height and style of skirt can change from chair to chair. Do you have pets, will their body oil stain a skirt. Typically a skirt is a more traditional style. Do you want a loose pillow back or a straight back?

UPHOLSTERY: Do you need durable fabric for kids and pets or can you use silk a fragile fabric. The new outdoor fabrics come in any array of pattern and color and are very durable for families. What type of patterns do you like, a stripe, a classic print, a geometric or a more edgy pattern. A solid color goes in many settings. Does the manufacturer have many choices? Do you want a calm color or a bold color, dark or light? What type of texture should it have? Look at all the fabric choices and check out three swatches to take home and look at in your home and light both during the day and at night.

ARMSTYLE: What look do you like best, a rolled arm, a wide arm, an English arm, and so on? A padded arm style, no arm, some of the wood showing or a total wood arm that’s more open.

HEIGHT: Do you want a tall chair with a high back like a wing chair. Tall chairs usually sit back in a room so the sightlines aren’t blocked. Or do you want a low back. Do you want to lift the chair and move it around or is it going to stay in place. What is the seat height, do you want to use it to pull up to a desk. The arm height also determines how you sit and how comfortable it might be, especially next to an end table. Also how wide do you want the chair to be, really wide for a comfy sit or narrow to take up less space?

SIT: What type of sit do you want a sink into seat with a down cushion that you have to fluff all the time or a tight seat that stays in place. Cushions typically have several options- foam wrapped, down, and so on. Ask to see the inside.

Quality: A quality piece of upholstery has some weight to it, is glued and screwed, with dowel joints not stapled. Upholstery patterns are matched. The seat cushion is wrapped in a cloth and then the cushion options are inside. Stitching is straight and matched.

BUDGET: A quality chair should stand the test of time and wear for a long time. You can cheat with a to “look” at piece that may not last five years. Look for good workmanship and quality with durable fabrics. If the craftsmanship is good you will be able to keep and recover the chair. When you find a quality chair the price will be slight higher. Decide what your budget is after doing some research. Maybe you’d like to wait and save more money to invest in a better quality product for the long run.

Look through some magazines and tag what you like and don’t like. Shop at some stores, from higher to middle range, to learn about pricing.

Soon your style, fabric choices and budget will surface.

New Fall Paint Project

101694126.jpg.rendition.largest[1]Well the summer is coming to an end and now we can start thinking of things to do inside. One of the easiest and most cost effective ways to spruce up the inside is to consider painting a room. A fresh coat of paint or a change of color can really spruce up a space. Here are some things to think about.

Where to select paint: Local Paint stores carry: Benjamin Moore, Sherwin Williams, Miller which is Kelly-Moore, Parker, Rodda, Pittsburg Paints, Pratt and Lambert.  Specialty Paints such as C2, Devine, ect. Then there are the box stores such as Behr and Valspar. There are more but stick with a company that gives you good advice.

How to choose: Whites and neutrals are still in style as well as warm grays and soft colors. Don’t just choose a color based on trends. Choose a color based on your surroundings like furniture, art, rugs, accessories and hard surfaces. Paint manufacturers have web sites that can give you inspiration or go to Pinterest and Houzz. If you need professional help ask for it.

Once you have picked the hue or color test it on a sample of posterboard and hang it on the wall to look at in the daylight and at night as different lights affect it. You can try the darker and lighter version of that same color to see the intensity you like.

Selecting the finish: Flat paints are good for hiding imperfections in the wall because they don’t reflect light but often are not scrubable so I use them for ceilings or low traffic areas. Eggshell and satin are often interchangeable so just check with the paint company to see which is best. Usually the sheen is how to decide, how shiny do you want the walls? When it comes to millwork you can use a satin, eggshell or semigloss, again what sheen do you want. You can paint the millwork the same color as the walls or a white or accent color. Gloss paints are really for special effects or a custom look.

Painting: Always follow the manufacturer’s directions for best results, your local paint store can also guide you. When painting over a darker color or a shiny surface use a primer. Use both a brush for corners and trim and where the ceiling meets the walls but a roller will give you more control and a uniform finish, use for areas larger than 2’x2’. Taping takes time but it’s worth it. Use a tapered brush to cut in where needed for better control. Remove tape as soon as possible.

If you are hiring paint contractor be sure to ask questions to get the correct bid and ask for references. Do they move the furniture? Often you are responsible for electronics such as a TV. What type of prep do they do- remove dirt, fill holes, patch, spackle, and prime a gloss surface. Then make sure what they bid is the paint brand you choose- some brands are more expensive and they may bid a lesser brand due to cost. Who is purchasing the paint? How much is needed for each room and surface- for walls, ceilings, prime coats? Time needed to complete the project, do they clean up at the end of the day, where are items stored, when do they arrive. What is their contact information, who is the crew? “What if” there is a problem, will they contact you before they find their own solution. Be sure and read your contract carefully. If your home was built prior to 1978 or has lead paint you will need and EPA certified paint contractor.

I hope this helps you to get started. Remember that paint is usually the least expensive change you can make to your room. Have fun but do your homework and get your samples and color selected before you hire a contractor. Then be there when they start so you see the color. If you are painting do a couple of walls before you get nervous and let it dry to really see the color. Good Luck!

What’s Your Style?

What’s Your Style?

  • 101694126.jpg.rendition.largest[1] 101694145.jpg.rendition.largest[1]102043205.jpg.rendition.largest[1]         What’s your design personality? Tobi Fairley’s views on style were simplified. She divided style selections into 4 groups, each group containing several more. By defining which style group you are in it will make it easier for you to purchase furnishings for your home. Often we enjoy several styles but it might be best to stick to 1 or 2 styles. Yes, you can do all four together but it takes a little more talent to achieve a finished look that is cohesive and not distracting. Try using these ideas in your own homes. What style personality are you?

A. Classic Traditionalist: can be formal or casual. Enjoys classic furniture shapes- sofa and chairs have skirts. Heritage pieces- such as china, knick-knack’s,  room can tell a story. Layering of fabrics. Darker wood tones. This can include: Farmhouse, Shaker, Cottage, Shabby Chic, French Country, English and more.

B. Cool Urban: modern, sleek in scale, shape and form. Streamlined without ornamentation; urban or cosmopolitan, current/trendy; materials are metal, glass; medium toned woods. This includes: Mid-Century modern, Scandinavian, Graphic, Organic forms, Edgy styles.

C. Artistic Traveler: A collected look, BoHo, Trend but not Trendy, Global, Layered, Exotic, Textured & rich, layered, patterned textiles, overdyed rugs, strong pigments. This includes items from travels, different cultures, any sort of style. Can be eclectic but is more global.

D. Sophisticated Stylista: Luxe, drama, fashionable, chic, glamorous, Gold finishes, mirrors, bone inlay, tufting, animal print, lacquer, Lucite, crystals. This style embraces scale- such as an overscale headboard and trends- such as quatrefoil architecture. This includes: Art Deco, Hollywood styles.

Mixing: Usually we tend to like 2 styles or more. When you mix have a point of reference such as color. Think of how the room should flow and function. Pick pieces that inspire you and if they are unique not too chaotic. Make some decisions about the style you want to interpret and decide when even though you like a piece “it just isn’t going to work” in this setting. (It’s like shopping for clothes- not everything we like goes together.)

Try this by deconstructing a room and then replacing items with your new choice in the style that fits you! Are you an A/B, a B/C, a D/A or an C/B? As always, call if you need help. Have fun!

Refreshing Your Home


                                    REFRESHING YOUR HOME FOR 2014


Here we are on the eve of a New Year and I thought it would be good to list the top 5 things I would do and that you can do to “Refresh” your home and make it sparkle or if you are thinking of selling these tips will help too. Most of these tasks are for a DIY’er especially if you are handy with tools, if not try painting and cleaning. Here are the 5 areas to focus on.

  1. Kitchen: If you have a laminate counter use a degreaser to clean the surface, if its granite clean and reseal. Shine the sink with a cleaner approved for the type of surface you have. If it’s not an undermount and it is past its prime consider installing a new sink in the same size so no other changes need to be made. The faucet can be replaced and a nice new higher arched style in chrome will brighten the counter, such as this Kohler-Cruette faucet. Stainless appliances can be polished to remove dull spots. Many appliance stores, such as Albert Lee, carry good products for cleaning. Painting can be done to freshen the walls and hide any grease and grime accumulated.  Product
  2. Bathrooms: Install a new modern light over the vanity and get rid of the outdated light bar. It might require some patching and painting but it is worth the effort. Change the faucet and keep the sink unless you really need a new countertop then an undermount sink can be added. If the room is small and the floor faded and worn it is fairly easy to install a new vinyl floor and is inexpensive, you do have to pull the toilet for this. You can also update the toilet by adding a new seat, some are self closing now. Again painting the walls makes a huge difference.
  3. Storage: Look at all those places in your home that are cluttered and see if there is a simple solution to organize the items. In the closet there are multiple types of closet storage systems. You can purchase through a hardware store or have it installed through a closet company, such as Organized Spaces. There are many metal shelf systems that you can use in the garage, available from Costco, Sam’s or a hardware store. We purchased some tall white cabinets with doors to hide the items from McClendon’s. Check under the stairs too and see what works best for storage there. Clean closets and toy areas to organize your favorite possessions. 
  4. Lighting: Good lighting makes a space really come alive so if you need to add can lighting to a bedroom or family room it can brighten the space. This might require a licensed electrician though. You can change out your lamps, get taller lamps, about 28-33”, and use white shades to allow the light to fan out, these are better for reading by beds and end tables. Also start learning about the types of bulbs available, new law requires the 40 and 60 watt bulbs to stop being produced this year. Now CFL’s, LED’s and Halogen will replace them.
  5. Spruce Up from the Outside in: When weather permits it is time to paint the front door and make it sparkle by adding new door hardware and a kick plate. Clean the entry porch and add colorful pots for future flowers. Add a new doormat. Make your home inviting at the entry. This is especially important if you plan on selling your home.*Just wanted to add that painting is listed more than once as it is the easiest, least expensive thing you can do to change or refresh a room.I hope these suggestions get your mind thinking about what you want to accomplish to “refresh” your home at the start of this year. Keep it simple, plan on one space at a time and don’t allow yourself to get overwhelmed.                      You can do it! As always if you need help just give me a call.