Welcome to the New Year 2017! For me the end of 2016 went fast and furious as I embarked on new projects. Recently I was available in a booth at the Remodel Show in Seattle for complimentary consultations and many people stopped by to ask about the concerns over their projects.

So I thought I would share some of my thoughts on pulling together a project.

I usually consider the largest ticket item- expense and work from there. It could be a new floor, cabinets or even a sofa. Choose the item and its color and characteristics then layer in the other items or surfaces. In this case the floor needed to be selected first, then the cabinets, then the countertop and lastly the tile splash. I do usually consider the furnishings to be purchased into this color scheme, comparing photos, catalogs and accessories. You can see that it flows and takes into account the costs of each item. In a living room it might be the expensive area rug, or custom art, then the sofa as the foundation for style and then the chairs, which might have more color to them, lastly the tables.

There is always an inspiration piece whether that is a photo of something you like, a piece of art, beautiful granite or quartz or an area rug. It usually does have the colors in it that you will be pulling out into the room. If you can decide on what style you like and stick with that idea is will go easier for you.

The idea is to layer your selections to suit the color scheme and style. You do this by selecting one piece at a time but try and select all your materials prior to purchasing. It won’t turn out piece meal that way. This is not easy as usually a contractor has a time schedule or your budget isn’t able to purchase all at once, ect. Always have available the materials you have selected when you are choosing new ones. This can be by a photo on your phone or ipad but is most helpful if you have a folder and keep samples with you when shopping. Then always bring the items back to your project to check the color in that light.

In new construction I will try and “walk” the exterior style and color into the interior of the home. Selecting stone and paint to compliment the interiors cabinets and granite. I do try and assemble all the materials before ordering. That means exterior stone, paint body and trim color, kitchen cabinets/granite/tile/plumbing, then bathroom tiles, all interior paint and flooring and that includes any office and laundry. Since this is a large project that takes time then allow yourself enough time to get all the materials together so the ordering process goes smoothly. And don’t be surprised if in the meantime something is cancelled and you have to reselect. But it’s easier as you already have a palette to work with. It’s hard to fall in love with an item and reselect but a lot of times it turns out better!

I hope this helps to identify how to make choices when designing a new space. Give yourself time, have patience and enjoy the process. As always if you have trouble call for a consult.