A Planned DIY Kitchen


The end of this year I would like to wrap up with a DIY lesson.

Recently my daughter and her husband did a remodel of their kitchen. Now they have done prior work so they are experienced at construction. As I watched them go through the process I thought of a couple of tips to help you with your own projects.

  • Create a floorplan, measure correctly and then remeasure
  • Get the professional cabinetmaker to remeasure and verify your choices; have them explain what type, quality and function of cabinets that you are getting. Who will do the install?
  • Do your homework! Study dimensions for the layout then research the proper products. Plumbing that can be installed according to your vision. Appliances that fit (always selected before ordering cabinets)
  • Decide on materials for countertop, backsplash and flooring. Bring home 2-3 selections and look at it in your space and light. Make decisions like what type corners and radius you want prior to cutting, otherwise the counter/granite installers will make them for you
  • Do learn and follow the proper order of how things are done and installed so that it goes smoothly
  • Hire professionals for the electrical and plumbing work
  • A good cabinet installer is worth his weight in gold! Don’t try it if you are unskilled
  • Do plan on being onsite for much of the work done by those you hire
  • When someone tells you that “you can’t do that” ask why, what other solutions there might be. It is your vision not theirs and they may not see the same resolution that you can, don’t assume there is only one way to do something
  • Do set up a work/kitchen area ahead of time so that your life is easier, keep it away from the dust, move it a couple of times if you are juggling a larger project
  • Try to get a schedule of times that subs will drop by, be available if there are questions/problems
  • Order as much ahead as you can and store it until install

Trust me- a professional can help you from making mistakes, even if it is just a couple of consults

PS: My daughter did all this and more and her project is as she envisioned and picture perfect. (This photo is not it) She had the usual bumps along the way that comes with construction but she was always available to problem solve and monitor progress. So while they hired much of the work to be done they planned it and managed the project well which is a big part of project success.

Good luck with your planning, if you need help feel free to call for a phone interview to see if I can help.